The federal government of Canada has decided to extend the existing Open Work Permit Pilot for sponsored spouses and common-law partners residing in the country. This happens to be the fourth extension of the Open Work Permit Pilot since its emergence in 2014. Perhaps, it’s a great piece of news for the people who are in the process of applying for the permanent residence under the norm of Spouse or Common-Law Partner in Canada.

Generally, the applicants take the aid of top immigration lawyer in Mississauga to navigate through the entire process. For the uninitiated, those planning to apply, for the open work permit, must understand the rules and regulations first.

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More insights:

The open work permit deals with the spouses or partners who are sponsored by the citizens of Canada. Individuals must remember the rule is not tagged along with any specific employer or job. According to the rule, one needs to have valid temporary resident status to become eligible. However, the applicants who are visitors, students, workers and sharing the same address as their sponsors are also eligible to apply for this permit.

Note: People employed in a childcare or healthcare unit with proper medical clearance are not qualified to apply for the open work permit under the pilot program.

Precisely, the open work permit comes under the umbrella of the Spousal Sponsorship program. The top immigration lawyer in Mississauga is putting their best foot forward to help people get through this process without any glitch.

The new update by IRCC has created a stir amongst the people. With the decision of extending the pilot is a sign that the Canadian Government has recognized the vision of the people. Delving deeper, it has been seen that the extension not only helps people support their families financially but also paves the way for contributing to the country’s economy.mississauga immigration lawyer

How to procure the work permit?

To obtain the open work permit, one needs to first apply for the same. However, the application process may seem to be a bit daunting owing to the perplexing rules. In such a scenario, opting for the top immigration lawyer in Mississauga is the best bet for every individual.

Below given is the process of application in a nutshell:

  • People applying under the open work pilot can also submit other applications. For instance, they can submit a work permit or an appeal for permanent residence along with the spouse sponsorship application.
  • Furthermore, individuals who are done with the process of permanent residence are also eligible to submit a work permit application separately.
  • Lastly, the applicants who have got the final consent from the IRCC regarding the permanent residence eligibility requisites can opt for the open work permit online. Usually, people who have not yet passed the background checks or medical test go for this type of application process.

For those are planning to apply for the same, it is advised to do all the nitty gritty before their current work permit comes to an end. To execute the entire process smoothly, they must contact the top immigration lawyer in Mississauga at the earliest.