If you had the courage to back out of an abusive relationship in Canada and file a divorce that is a brave thing to do. However, as a mother, you cannot think to leave your precious daughter at the hands of your autocratic husband. Yet, due to your husband’s camouflaging actions, you are now stuck in the biggest dilemma –Who gets the child custody?

Now if your husband earns more, and you have no chance of proving his guilt, he might win custody. Thus, to get your facts right it is best to hire a private investigator mississauga.

In fact, apart from these aforementioned reasons, there are other conditions that clarify why a private detective can aid you out.

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Check Them Out:

If your child is under the age of 10 then chances are she doesn’t understand if anything untowardly is done to her. In her innocence, she might even be trusting of your husband who may or may not harm her physically or mentally.

Thus, when you cannot prove your husband’s actions, your private investigator vancouver can aid you out.

He/She can expose the following:

  • If your child is a victim of alcohol abuse.
  • If the child’s basic needs are neglected.
  • Whether the home ambiance of the child is damaged and toxic.
  • If your child is under drugs and manipulated.

Moving on,

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What Does the Private Investigator Search for?

Once you hire a private investigator mississauga, he/she will consult you and find out your husband’s weak points. Then, categorically, he/she will try looking for signs of alcohol abuse, drug abuse, etc.

Further, your PI will dig into your husband’s background and find out whether he has a criminal record or not. Additionally, your private detective will use his/her sleuthing skills to tail your husband and find out how his parenting skills are.

He/she will also look out for signs of neglect for your child; whether the child is not given proper food or amenities like clothes and medicines etc.

Now, once your private investigator mississauga finds out veritable proofs, you have to contemplate how to use the information.

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You Can Do This in 3 Ways:

  1. If the investigation proves that your husband is neglecting the child or making her succumb to drug use, you can take the evidence to the court. This will instantly help you get custody over your daughter.
  2. You might have been accused by your husband as crazy and improper. However, if your private investigator mississauga finds out that your husband is the one in the wrong, you can effectively clear your name at court. This will aid you in getting child custody much easily.
  3. Lastly, in case, the investigation bores no proof of abuse, you can rest your mind that your child is in safe hands. In this aspect, you can even consider leaving your child with her father if this means securing her a better future.

All in all, don’t let your fears get the best of you and instead hire yourself a private detective to ensure that you get child custody. Good luck!

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